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Jeans clothing on 24jeans.store

Since the beginning of our jeans web store, we have been inspired and guided in design mainly by our own experience. We believe that clothing should be designed to meet the needs of the wearer. We believe that integrity will never go out of fashion. We consider it an integral part of the values we hold both as a company and as individuals.

Why you should choose 24jeans.store as your trusted web store:

Our recommended jeans are designed and manufactured according to the strictest quality standards. At every stage of the design process, our four most important brand parameters are taken into account: Fit, Material, and Workmanship. A thorough design process guarantees an ideal fit for the product. Only the finest fabrics are used for production. Modern and trendy – this is what you can expect from Cross Jeans. Innovative cuts and washes are what make Cross Jeans stand out.
Our goal is to provide our loyal customers with the highest quality and most fashionable designs of vintage jeans.

Types of jeans can be found in our web store:

Jeans have evolved from traditional workwear and are now available in a variety of styles. Jeans are also available in a variety of colors, with blue still being the most popular.
Once you have an overview of the different cuts, you can take a look at some real-life examples below and learn some interesting information about the different styles.

1. straight leg

Straight-cut jeans can be a classic cut that is not the prettiest, but it is not fashionable either. It is a timeless cut. The pant leg has a uniform width over the whole leg. It is tighter at the thigh and a little looser at the ankle and calf.
If you’re not sure what you’re looking for, this is a good place to start to determine your body type and figure out what you want your jeans to look like.

2. slim fit

They are cut to fit snugly around the butt and thighs. They can be a little looser in the lower leg area. Not to be confused with a slim fit, which is tight all the way down the leg.
They are often referred to as slim-fit jeans because they generally resemble a slimmer silhouette. They are made with a lower waist and sit at the top of the hips.

3. slim taper

The last step before skinny jeans is the slim-taper, which extends across the thighs and narrow leg. However, if you have wider legs, these are slim-fit jeans. Slim-fit jeans usually have a low waist, which is worn just below the hips.

4. bootcut

Yeehaw. These jeans, also called bootcut, are a western-style staple worn over cowboy boots. They come in several sub-variants, such as relaxed and slim. Classic bootcut jeans have a raised waistline that is closer to the waist, but modern models often have a lower waistline.

5. wide leg

To achieve maximum breathability and comfort, wide legs are in trend. The baggy jeans that are currently trending may not be as wide as the JNCO jeans, but they are still quite roomy and can make a big statement if used correctly.

24jeans.store – Our Vision and Mission:

Today, we continue to pursue the goal of recommending products that are authentic in terms of craftsmanship, denim fitting, fit, and technological innovation in fabrics. Our in-house model allows us to keep up with newer mechanisms in the market.
The functional design elements are still essential today, but they have been adapted to the latest trends and fashions. Today, jeans are worn by millions of people every day. And we continue to strive to improve the daily function of our jeans, making a massive and positive impact on those people’s lives.
We pride ourselves on providing a highly personalized shopping experience to customers from around the world. In our online store, we strive to recommend the best brands the market has to offer!

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